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About Us

CPL is a jewellery store that houses high-quality jewellery and accessories with strikingly exquisite designs. Here at CPL Jewellers, we’re designers at heart. As artisan jewellers, We specialize in making individual pieces of precious jewellery from scratch, Creating innovative designs that reflect our clients’ taste and distinctive style in a way that is only possible with bespoke jewellery. Each piece is created by hand in our Saltaire workshop without mass-produced designs or parts. An exclusive piece which perfectly complements that With its affordable rates and unique shopping experience, CPL is your one-stop destination for making any given day a special occasion – wedding, engagement, birthday, or anniversary.

CPL Jewellers has taken the lead in offering path-breaking design choices to our discerning customers. Our roots go back to 1941 when the jewellery business was established by Sri. C. P. Lakshmi Narasiman Chettiar. Today, as a Third generation family of jewellers, the management consists of Sri. C. L. Raghunathan, Sri. C. L. Prabakaran, Sri. C. L. Sukumar and Sri. C.P. Kowshik.

We understand that your jewels are more than just accessories; they are an extension of your personality. From pieces with poignant shades to vibrant ones, the right jewellery can define your mood for the day and add an aura that compliments your presence – making a regal statement.

CPL Jewellery is situated in the new and developing business town, Cutchery Street, Tirupattur. Since 1941 the business is being operated from a single premise. The first showroom was once located at Alangayam Road, Tirupattur, the traditional shopping Bazaar. Following the expansion of our showroom, we relocated to a more spacious place offering a shopping area of more than 3,300 sq. ft. spread over two floors. This well-appointed showroom offers the best in convenience and selection of traditional designs and modern styles in a pleasant ambience.